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Why Does a .docx Template Only Work Sometimes?


  • To determine why some documents get created from a .docx template and some do not. 
  • Error: "The template could not be processed. The file type may not be supported, or it may have been generated by an unsupported program. Please contact for assistance."
  • Error uploading Document from Template
  • Spinning circle when uploading Document from Template
  • Cannot upload Document from the Document Template


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

doc. and docx. are file formats that are used in Microsoft’s Word application; a part of the Microsoft Office productivity suite. The main difference between doc. and docx. is their current status. The doc. format has been used my Microsoft until the 2003 version of Word. In Word 2007, they introduced the docx. as the new default format.

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Nintex DocGen® (formerly Drawloop), our provider of Document Automation doesn't fully support .docx files. Docx. files have formatting on the back end of the document and it contains many variables that can cause the template to not generate.


Users can still revert to using the doc. format if they want to by:

  1. Selecting all Text
  2. Copying all Text
  3. Shift + Pasting all Text in a new Document

Note: This means you will be pasting as plain text, removing additional formatting.




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