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How long can I stay logged into Clio if I am not active in my browser?


  • Does the application automatically log off, lock or terminate a session after a predetermined time of inactivity?
  • When does a Clio session expire / what is session expiry?


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

This applies to full users of Clio, as well as Clio Connect users.


If you did NOT check the 'Keep me signed in' option at login:

  • 4 hours of inactivity. You are considered active as long as a browser window is open to any app.clio.com/app.clio.eu site
  • Example: You close your browser at 5 PM, you reopen it at 7 PM, you will still be signed in.
  • Example: You close your browser at 7 PM, you reopen it at 11:30 PM, you will not be signed in

If you DID check the 'Keep me signed in' option at login:

  • Never. As long as you keep a browser window open to any app.clio.com/eu.app.clio.com site
  • Even if you close your browser window, you should be auto-logged into Clio if you navigate back, within 2 weeks

In both cases, you may be required to authenticate (ie/ log in) very 30 days.

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