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What are the Benefits of Clio Payments versus the Original LawPay Integration?


  • Compare Clio Payments to LawPay Legacy
  • What is the different between LawPay Classic and Clio Payments? 


  • Clio Web App

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  1. Using the original LawPay integration, payments could only be applied to Bills shared through Clio Connect. With Clio Payments, you can pay Bills directly in your Clio account, or allow your clients to pay when you share them via email or Clio Connect.
  2. When payments were made through the original integration, there was still an extra step required to apply them towards Bills in Clio. Using Clio Payments, payments are applied towards Bills automatically. 
  3. Clio Payments introduces the ability on the firm's side to enter a single credit card payment towards multiple Bills for a Client, applying the funds to their oldest Bills first. 
  4. Payment Plans utilizes Clio Payments to schedule automatic credit card payments at a specified interval, with those payments being applied towards a Client's balance and paying off their oldest Bills first. 
  5. With Clio Payments, your LawPay subscription fee is waived, and you just pay the same fee per transaction as you did using LawPay.
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