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LawDroid Voice

LawDroid Voice allows you to control Clio using your voice. Use your voice to dictate notes, schedule appointments, create tasks in Clio, and have it read you your schedule in the morning.

● Use your voice to command your law office with ease
● Dictate notes, schedule appointments, and create tasks
● Have LawDroid Voice read you your schedule for the day
● Populate data into Clio to eliminate data entry duplication

To sign up for LawDroid Voice, click here.


Connecting LawDroid Voice to Clio
Using LawDroid Voice with Clio
Contacting LawDroid Voice Support

Connecting LawDroid Voice to Clio

Once you have signed up for a LawDroid Voice account and have logged in, from your account page, click "Connect to Clio".

On the Clio screen, click the green "Allow Access" button.
* If you are not already logged in to your Clio account, you will be prompted to log in before you can connect.

Once LawDroid is connected to your Clio account, if you would like to disconnect your chatbot from Clio, click "Deauthorize Clio".

Using LawDroid Voice with Clio

Once you are logged in and Clio has given LawDroid Voice access, you will be greeted:

"Hi, I'm LawDroid. How can I help you?"

Tell LawDroid Voice you would like to take notes:

"Take Notes"

LawDroid Voice will respond:

"I understand you would like me to take notes. Please tell me your note now and say 'completed' when you’re done."

Dictate your notes and then tell LawDroid Voice where you would like to put the notes:

"Put notes in Clio Contact Johnny Test"

LawDroid Voice will confirm the notes were saved:

"Your notes have been saved successfully."

Contacting LawDroid Voice Support

For LawDroid Voice Support, contact

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