Unable to Link a Payment Made with the Secure Payment Link


  • Link Clio Payment
  • Unlinked Clio Payment
  • Secure Payment Link error


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

To check the Payment State, go to the main Clio Payments tab.

The Recovery Bin

How to Map your Clio Accounts to LawPay


Check to see if the Payment is Authorized or Completed. If Authorized, you will not be able to link it until it is Completed.

If you are receiving an error, it is possible that the Bank Account that the Secure Payment Link belonged to has been deleted from Clio. The account will be listed as "deleted" in the screen that appears when you try to link the Payment. Recover the Bank Account from the Recovery Bin and remap it to LawPay. You should then be able to link the payment.

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