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No Selectable LawPay Account When Setting Up Clio Payments


  • No Option to Connect to LawPay Account
  • I don't see the option to Link accounts after integrating with LawPay
  • Error: Cannot connect a Clio operating account to a LawPay trust account
  • Adding Additional Bank Accounts to Lawpay
  • Confirming Bank Account Information with Lawpay
  • Updating Bank Account information


  • Clio Web App
  • Lawpay

Additional Information:

  • LawPay Support line: 1-800-459-5798 
  • Issue resembles this;


There are a few potential causes: 

1. Ensure you have accounts created in Clio and that they are set to the correct type (Operating or Trust. Follow the steps here to create a bank account, or here to edit a bank account type.

2. Contact LawPay to check that your LawPay accounts are set up correctly (with correct Account types) or if a new Bank Account needs to be setup after you have already signed up for Clio Payments.

If you still cannot select your LawPay bank account after ensuring your accounts are correctly set up, you may need to disconnect your LawPay account from Clio and then reconnect it. Please contact Clio Support to do this. 

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