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What Information Syncs From Quickbooks to Clio?


  • What information is pushed from Quickbooks to Clio?
  • Does Quickbooks sync information to Clio?
  • Which information input into Quickbooks is visible in Clio?
  • Is the Quickbooks Online Sync Bi-Directional?


  • Clio Manage
  • QuickBooks Online

Additional Information:



The sync with QuickBooks Online is a one-way sync. Clients with an approved Bill, Payments, and Credit Notes will be synced from Clio to Quickbooks, but not the other way around.

Two exceptions to the above rule, that are a bi-directional sync with QuickBooks Online include: 

  1. Contacts: If you edit a contact in Quickbooks Online, the change will sync over into Clio as well.
  2. Hard Costs: For more information on Clio's Hard Cost Import functionality, click here.
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