How Do I Set Up Screen Share for Clio App Training (Android)?


  • For Support or Enablement Agents who need to train Clio Users on the Clio App. 


  • Android App
  • Reflector 2

Additional Information:

Note that the Reflector 3 app allows for a 7-day trial. Afterwards, you will need to pay for the app. It is recommended to book the Skaha room if you need to provide Clio App training.


  1. Launch the Reflector 2 app from the Desktop.
  2. Ensure your Android device is on Clio's WiFi network.
  3. On your Android device, navigate to your settings and select Smart View. Alternatively, you can use the Google Home app and select Mirror Device. You will see the Skaha computer name SVH-CLON. 
  4. Press SVH-CLON and your device will now be screenshared on the Desktop.
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