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What Do I Need to Review in my Clio Account after my Migration is Complete?


  • What do I need to review in my Clio Account after my migration is complete?
  • What do I need to review once data has been Imported into my account?
  • What do I do after my migration?


  • Clio Web App
  • Your Email

Additional Information:

  • After your migration, review your account within the next 5 business days. It is important to let your Migration Specialist know as soon as possible if any corrections need to be made. Any information that you add or modify in the imported data may be lost if the data needs to be reverted.
  • Look for big errors that were not present in your previous software's dataset. Typos or incorrect information that was present in the dataset exported from your previous software cannot be fixed by a Migration Specialist.
  • Your Migration specialist may have sent you migration exceptions (i.e. data not brought into Clio) in an Excel spreadsheet for you to review. Make sure you review this data. 
  • If you're wondering why some data was not brought in, please visit this article for more information.
  • If you have reviewed your data and have identified potential errors, please contact your Migration Specialist as soon as possible with specific examples so they can investigate.



  • Is all the data in the proper field? (eg. First Name field does not contain Last Name)


  • Are the Contacts correctly designated as People/Companies?
  • Were Contact Custom Fields brought in correctly? 


  • Are the Matters correctly associated with the right Contact?
    • If linked incorrectly, is the Contact's name correct? Is it a Company or a Person?
  • Were Matter Custom Fields brought in correctly? 

Activities (Time and Expense Entries)

  • Are the Rates and Values for your Time and Expense Entries correct?
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