The New Clio Experience is Here to Stay

New year, new Clio experience!

As of February 18, 2019, we’re happy to announce that you'll be getting full, undivided access to the new Clio experience.

When we introduced the new Clio experience last year, we encouraged customers to get familiar with changes and switch back to the previous experience with the click of a button in Clio. On February 18, 2019, we will be removing this button and removing access to the previous Clio experience.

Since we launched the new Clio experience, we’ve provided you with the ability to:

  • Benefit from new features and updates. We will continue to add innovative new features like Clio Launcher, Payment Plans, and more.
  • Spend less time online, and more time with clients. Faster processing speeds and improved navigation in Clio lets you accomplish tasks with fewer clicks and less scrolling, in a fraction of the time.
  • Gain insights, make decisions, and take actions with ease. Refined screen layouts, designed by customer feedback, let you see more information in one place.

If you have any questions about the new Clio experience, you can find more information on our Help Center. You can also reach out to us via Clio's in-app chat, phone (1‑888‑858‑2546), or email (

None of your current firm and client information will be affected by this transition and there's no need to update any of your software.


The Clio Team

P.S You can see the most recent updates to the new Clio experience here.

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