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Error: 'We're Sorry. The Page You're Trying to Access is No Longer Active.' When Clicking Link From Clio Connect Email


  • Clio Connect user cannot access a link 
  • Clicking on the link produces error 


  • Clio Connect portal

Additional Information:

  • If the Firm is sending a Draft Bill, this will also result in this error message. Approving the Bill will resolve this issue.


  • The resources currently being shared have been unshared or the link has become inactive


  1. Ask the Clio Connect user to confirm that they are accessing the latest version of the email received in case the resource was unshared and reshared multiple times. Check the date of the email received. 
  2. If the resource(s) is the newest resource received, right click the link and select Open link in a new tab.
  3. Try opening the email in an alternate browser and click the link. 
  4. If the issue persists, ensure that the firm hasn't unshared the resource and prevented access. If this is the case, please contact the firm. 


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