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Clio's Canadian Server

Clio’s Canadian Server is a separate, Canadian-based environment where Canadian firms can create their Clio Manage accounts, and have their data stored on servers located in Canada.

There are firms in Canada subject to data residency requirements that require them to store some, or all, client data in Canada. Storing data outside of Canada for these firms would breach the firm-client agreement, and therefore prevent them from using Clio.

Now firms can use Clio Manage to service these clients, knowing that their data will be securely stored in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m an existing Clio Manage customer based in Canada--will my account be automatically migrated to Clio’s Canadian server?

Clio customers based in Canada who wish to have their accounts moved to Clio’s Canadian Server, will need to perform a Clio to Clio migration as detailed on our Help Center.

Existing Clio Manage customers based in Canada, who are using Clio’s US Server, will not be automatically migrated to Clio’s Canadian Server.

When should existing customers use Clio’s Canadian Server?

Canadian-based Clio Manage customers that currently experience, or may experience, data residency issues. This could include customers with several, or all, clients that require their data to be stored in Canada.

Which customers should not sign up for Clio’s Canadian Server?

Clio’s Canadian Server was developed to support customers that have data residency requirements for their clients. We do not encourage customers without data residency requirements to use Clio’s Canadian Server, as certain integrations and features will not be available at the time of launch.

For more information on whether Clio’s Canadian Server is right for your firm, please contact a Clio Expert.

How does Clio comply with Canadian data residency rules?

Clio's regional data plans commit to storing Subscriber Content only within the designated region. As part of maintaining our regional plans, we only use configurable services that comply with your geographic restrictions. In short, your data stays local.

I want to sign-up for Clio Manage, and I have Canadian Data residency requirements. How can I sign-up to Clio’s Canadian Server?

To sign up for Clio’s Canadian Server, new customers must schedule a demo and inform their Clio Sales representative of their Canadian data residency requirements. Their Clio expert will then complete their account set-up in Clio’s Canadian Server on their behalf.

Will the Clio mobile app be available on the Canadian server?

Yes. Accounts on the Canadian server can login to the mobile app as usual and remain compliant.

Will Clio Payments be available on the Canadian server?

While accounts on the Canadian Server will be able to connect to Clio Payments, LawPay does not comply with Canadian data residency requirements. When an account tries to enable Clio Payments, they will be presented with a warning that using Clio Payments will be in conflict with data residency requirements.

Will customers using Clio’s Canadian Server have access to the same features offered on Clio’s US Server?

There will be minor differences in feature availability between Clio’s Canadian and US Servers. These include:

  • Court Rules is only available in US jurisdictions at present;
  • Document preview will not be turned on by default, as it requires items to be temporarily stored on Clio’s US servers;
  • Clio Manage accounts hosted on our Canadian Server will not integrate with Clio Grow;
  • Third party integrations will vary per region. For Clio’s complete list of integrations can be integrated with the Canadian Server, please view Clio’s App Directory here
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