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Trust Listing Report Shows Clients with a Negative Trust Balance


  • I ran a Trust Listing Report and it shows certain clients with negative balances in their Trust Account. Going to the Matter for the client, they have a $0 balance.


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:



The generated Trust Listing Report will display your client's current balances in their Trust Account. If a Date Range is utilized you will only see transactions within that range accounted for.

The Report will not pull information from before or after, and will not know if there were funds in the Account before. Therefore, if a client had Trust funds in the Account before that date range and payments were made during that date range from the Trust Account, the Report will only pull the transactions, which results in a negative balance.


  1. Go to the Trust Listing Report page
  2. Under Select Date Range, select "All Dates"

Alternatively, if you need to pull information for only a specific time period, ensure the Trust Account Balances are at $0 at the beginning of the period.  

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