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Working With Email in Clio


Connect Outlook, Google, or any inbox to Clio Manage
Track time to Matters in Clio Manage directly from your inbox
Work on case files and attachments sent via email in Clio Manage
Take action away from your desk on Clio's Mobile App
Leverage all the additional advantages of Clio

Create a secure, easy to use system of record as it relates to all your client and case communications: Do more with Clio and email.

Make efficient, effective record-keeping part of your day-to-day as you leverage secure, unlimited cloud-storage and functionality made for law firms.

Did you know you can:

  • File emails and attachments from Outlook and Gmail to Clio Manage
  • Track time to a Matter for work you complete in your inbox
  • Access and edit email attachments from Clio Manage
  • Take action on-the-go. Use the Clio Mobile App to save and send emails
  • Allow for all firm members to reference case communications in secure locations

Connect your inbox to Clio Manage

Clio Gmail and Outlook Add-ins. With a one-time install, connect Clio Manage to your chosen business tools, so you can work in Gmail or Outlook, using our Add-ins to save emails, attachments, contacts, and even time entries directly to a Matter.

  • Easy-to-use Clio add-ons are available any time you log into your inbox
  • File emails, and email threads directly to a Matter
  • Upload email attachments to a Matter, and edit them in Clio Manage
  • Track billable and non-billable time from your inbox with an integrated Clio timer
  • Add new contacts Clio from new email senders and recipients.

Install Clio’s Gmail Add-on
Install Clio’s Outlook Add-in

Maildrop. An alternative to our Gmail and Outlook add-ins, Maildrop lets you forward and archive emails to a Matter effectively from any email provider.

  • Use a custom maildrop address and forward emails and attach directly to Clio
  • Set up Email Aliases for the different email addresses that you want to forward emails to Clio from.

Set up Maildrop

Track time directly from your inbox.

Integrated timers. Work from your inbox, bill for it in Clio Manage. Whether billable or non-billable time, remove data entry as you track time to a Matter while you work on a case with a fully integrated timer in Clio’s Outlook and Gmail Add-ins.

Install Clio’s Gmail or Outlook Add-in to track time from your inbox.

Work on case files and attachments sent via email in Clio Manage.

Clio Launcher. Build a better case with essentials documents sent via email and stored in Clio Manage.

  • File email attachments to a Matter in Clio
  • Quickly search and locate attachments; find and reference what you need in seconds
  • View, download, or click-to-edit attachments of any format with Clio Launcher

Work with email attachments in Clio Manage.

Take action, even when away from your desk.

New: The Clio Mobile App. Don’t limit case management to your desk. Clio’s Mobile App plays nice with your phone’s email tools—with the additional benefit of secure access to all your case communications and files in Clio Manage.

  • Quickly reference communications and filed emails from the Clio Mobile App, wherever you are.
  • Forward or share important files from the Clio Mobile App via email, ensuring no information is ever saved to your personal device.
  • Forget the paper files when you’re on the go; anywhere you have an Internet connection you have access to the information you need.

Clio's Mobile App

Create a secure, collaborative system of records.

Leverage all the advantages of Clio. Comply with client record due diligence and best practices, as you create a central place for your team to collaborate and build cases.

  • More secure than sharing an email login or access. Use Clio’s 2-factor authentication and ensure client records are accessed in a secure manner by you and your team in Clio.
  • Improve your client experience. Make all case communications and supporting documents easily accessible when working on a case, answering client queries, or even in court.
  • Save files from your inbox to Clio Manage in their original format (EML) for improved accessibility in court. 
  • Having trouble? Contact Clio’s support team, available 24/7.


Is the Outlook Add-in compatible with all versions of Outlook?

  • The Outlook Add-in requires an Office 365 subscription, and is compatible with all versions from Outlook 2013 onwards.

Is the Gmail Add-on compatible with all versions of Gmail?

  • Yes.

Does Maildrop work with all email providers?

  • Yes.

Can I work with Gmail and Clio Manage on mobile?

  • Yes, by using the official Gmail mobile app for iOS and Android.

Can I work with Outlook and Clio Manage on mobile?

  • The Outlook Add-in is not available on the Outlook mobile app, but can be used from a mobile browser via 

Can I download an email to PDF?

  • Yes. 

Are original email files saved to Clio?

  • Yes. EML file formated are exported to Clio Manage and saved in an Original Emails folder in Documents. 


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