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Clio Grow Public Intake Forms Overview


Allow prospective clients to submit their information online, in a few simple clicks using public intake forms. Once submitted, Clio Grow will automatically create a new Contact and Matter populated with all the details your firm needs to engage in the next step of the intake process.

What are Public Intake Forms?

Public intake forms provide a persistent, publicly available URL or link where prospective clients can access and submit intake forms and have their data automatically imported into Clio Grow to create new prospective Contacts and Matters in Grow. 

Who should use Public Intake Forms?

Any Clio Grow or Clio Suite user that would like to save time and automate the initial Contact and Matter data entry from their prospective clients.

Public Intake Forms will also help new Clio Grow users quickly set-up and start using their account due to the automated workflow they enable.

Will this feature be available to all customers?

Public intake forms will be available to all Clio Grow and Clio Suite accounts.

Is this available on a user or account basis?

Public intake forms will be available to all users of an account.

How have Clio Grow’s intake forms changed?

We added the ability for customers to make their intake forms public--which means they will have a persistent, always accessible URL. Once shared via email, SMS or linked to a firm website, prospective clients can submit the intake form online--from anywhere, at any time--which will automatically create a new Contact and Matter in Clio Grow.

Can I still create private intake forms in Clio Grow?

Yes. Public intake forms will not impact Clio Grow’s existing functionality of users having to “prepare the form” and generate a unique URL to send to specific prospects. This workflow will still be accessible to all forms.

Do I need to change anything in my current setup to access this?

By default, intake forms are not public. If you would like to convert your intake form to public mode, all you will need to do is turn the toggle to make any form(s) public. You can do this from Forms > Templates on the form index page. Just click the dropdown button and then turn on the toggle to make the form public.


Do I need an integration to use Public Intake Forms?

Users do not have to do anything or use any third party integrations to set up a public intake form in Clio Grow. Just turn on the “public’ toggle, copy the link, and use it wherever you like.

Why should I use Public Intake Forms?

You will save time by automating the initial intake/data capture from prospective clients, and eliminate additional data entry and client touch points during intake.

How can I customize Public Intake Forms in Clio Grow?

To customize the Matter type, Matter status (Matter Pipeline column), confirmation email sender, or assigned user(s), go to Forms > Templates, edit the form, and then adjust the settings at the top of the form.

Is there a Captcha to prevent bots from filling in the forms to produce fake leads?

Yes, we have enabled reCaptcha v3 by Google. You do not need to take any action, as this will automatically screen out bot submissions.

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