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Bill Reorganization: FAQ

Why is Clio Reorganizing the Bills section of Clio Manage?

After conducting a number of customer interviews centered around the usage of the Bills section of Clio Manage, we discovered that many of you were not using some key functionalities. To ensure you get the most functionality out of Clio’s billing, we’ve reduced the number of tabs on the page, and ensured that key billing features were visible and clearly named. This was because the page was overloaded with numerous tabs, and key billing features and actions were somewhat confusingly labelled.

What is Changing on the Bills section of Clio Manage?

In a nutshell, we are reducing the number of tabs on the Bills section of Clio Manage, and updating the naming and verbiage of the actions you can take with bills, especially how you can share bills with your clients.


Are there any new functionality changes?

There is no new functionality, but previous actions should now be easier to perform - such as charging for credit cards, or creating a net new bill.

Changed: ‘Billable Clients’ moved to ‘New Bills’ button.

The ‘New Bill’s button now houses the ‘Billable Clients’ page. There are no changes to the ‘Billable Clients’ page.

Changed: ‘Statement of accounts’ moved under ‘New Bills’ dropdown.


Changed: ‘Export for QuickBooks Desktop’ moved to ‘Export’ dropdown\


Updated: Naming of tabs and actions.

  • ‘Awaiting payments’ state is now called ‘Unpaid’.
  • ‘Share’ is now called ‘Send’. Functionality has remained the same.
    • New ‘Send’ Button

Grouped: The ‘Send’ dropdown menu will now be grouped and contain Clio Payment options.

From the ‘Send” section you will now be able to copy a Client’s balance payment URL link and charge their credit card on file. For trust requests, the URL link generated will be applied to the Client’s trust request balance.



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