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How Do I Send All Outstanding Bills for One Client in a Single Email?


  • How do I send all of my Client's Invoices in one email?
  • Can I send one email with links to all of my Client's Outstanding Bills?
  • How do I send multiple Bills for one Client in an email?
  • Can I send a Contact all of their Outstanding Bills for all of their Matters in one email?


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

Sending Bills to Your Clients


To send one email with links to multiple Bills for one Client (Bills can be from one Matter or multiple Matters), follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the main Billing tab on the left side of Clio
  2. Click the Outstanding Balances subtab along the top of the Billing page
  3. Click Send beside the Client's name (the Client's name will only be shown one time, even if they have multiple outstanding Bills, over one or multiple Matters)
  4. Fill in Contacts and Add a message if you'd like
  5. Tick the Selected contacts will receive all future bills for associated matters. box if you would like Clio to remember the selected Contacts when sending future Bills
  6. Click Send email preview to myself before sending to the Client, to receive a preview of the email your Client will receive
  7. Click Send bill when ready to send the Bill to the Client


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