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Redesigned Documents Experience

What is the Redesigned Documents Experience?

We've released a new version of the documents experience to all Clio Manage customers. This includes an updated user interface that is more in-line with the rest of Clio Manage, and other overall improvements.

Quick tips on finding the features you are used to:
• Versions and Preview have been combined into View
• Rename, is now called Edit details
• Folder-view can be accessed by sorting your table by Name
• Columns can be turned on and off via the Column button

What's Changed?

Clean, consistent look with the rest of the app

The Documents area now looks, feels, and interacts similarly to the rest of Clio Manage to provide a more seamless experience.

Improved navigation into subfolders

It is now easier to see which subfolder you are in when interacting with documents.


Greater information density

In the previous Clio user interface, the Documents list could only display 25 files at a time. With the new experience, up to 200 files/folders are visible at one time.


Centralization of document information

Document versioning and preview have been brought into the same screen, and are accessible by clicking the “View” button on the Documents list. 


Surfacing of comments functionality

A new column on the Documents list includes access for adding or editing comments relevant to the file or folder. 


Sent for e-Sign indicator for documents

Documents that have been sent for e-Signature will soon have a visual indicator to show that they have been sent off. 

e-Sign History

You will now be able to see the current status ("Not signed", "Viewed", or "Signed") of each contact the document has last been shared with,  and a history of the dates that each of those events happened for all contacts previously shared with.

Templates are now alphabetized

Instead of trying to find document templates based on the date they were uploaded, templates will now be listed in alphabetical order when generating a new document from template.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is there any functionality that is not yet available?

All features in the prior design are now available in the new Documents experience.

What can I do if I have feedback or have found an issue with the new design?

We'd love to hear from you so we can continue to make improvements!
Please provide feedback at this survey link.

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