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Text Notifications and Reminders

Text notifications and reminders for calendar events help you avoid the costly no-shows and unnecessary administrative overhead that comes with organizing client meetings. Clients can confirm if they plan to attend a meeting so you aren’t left guessing.

How it works

To get started, text notifications and reminders need to be enabled by an admin user. Once enabled, all users on the account will be able to send text notifications and reminders for calendar events.


How to enable text notifications and reminders:

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Click Text Message Notifications
  3. In the Text notification settings tab click Turn on text message notifications
  4. Input the contact information (email and/or telephone) you would like to display in the text messages sent to event attendees. This contact information is how attendees will know how to contact you when they need to ask questions or reschedule, so be sure to include an email or phone number that is regularly monitored.
  5. Click Turn on text message notifications
  6. Automated text reminders will be enabled by default when text notifications are turned on. You can disable text reminders by unchecking the box under Event Reminders. When text reminders are enabled you can adjust how far in advance automated reminders are sent by selecting a number of days using the dropdown:


How to send a text notification:

  1. Create a calendar event and add attendees.
  2. Check off Notify via text next to the attendees you wish to send a text notification.
  3. When you are ready to send the invite, click Save event. The attendee will receive a text notification, and if enabled, they will also receive an automated reminder by text ahead of the event.

How to check if a contact has confirmed their attendance to an event:

  1. Go to your Calendar and click on the event.
  2. Look for Confirmed next to the attendees name. 


How can I tell if a client has opt-out from receiving text messages from my firm?

You will be unable to send a text notification when inviting them to an event and it will say 'Opted out' under their contact details in the calendar event.

Why are my text notifications not being delivered?

Sometimes text message notifications will not be successfully delivered. You can review the reasons for failure in the Text Notifications table either in the main Communications section of Clio Manage or the communications section for a contact. Learn about the different reasons for failure here.

How can I tell if an attendee has received an automated reminder?

After a reminder has been automatically texted to an attendee, the event will say ‘Reminder sent’ next to the attendees name. From your calendar you can click on an event to see if a reminder has been sent.

Can I send notifications for other things by text message?

Not at this time. If there is additional text notification functionality you would like to see in Clio, please share this feedback with Clio's Support Team using the contact information at the bottom of the page.

Can I customize the text message template?

You can customize the text message template with your firm's preferred contact details that meeting attendees should use to reschedule an appointment. Only admin users can customize these details within Text Message Notification settings.

Can I text phone numbers outside of North America?

No, at present only texts to North American phone numbers are supported.

What if a contact has more than one number?

If a contact has a valid number that is set as ‘mobile’, that number will be used for text message notifications by default. If there are multiple numbers set as ‘mobile’, the first mobile number will be used. If there are no valid mobile numbers, the primary number will be used as long as it is valid. You are able to change the text notification number for any contact in the contact edit page.

What if two contacts have the same phone number?

We recommend avoiding this practice if possible. While the notifications will go out as expected, your contacts' responses will not be tracked accurately in Clio. Take care if you're testing the functionality by making sure you have one contact per phone number.

What if I send a second event before my contact has responded to the first one?

In this case your contact will only be able to respond to the second event. Try to avoid sending text notifications for events created in quick succession. 

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