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Why are my text notifications not being delivered?


  • Understand what the different statuses in the text notification table refer to.
  • Understand why a text notification for a calendar event failed to be delievered.
  • Understand what the different status messages mean when a text notification is not delivered.


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • Sometimes text message notifications will not be successfully delivered. You can review the reasons for failure in the Text Notifications table either in the main Communications section of Clio or the communications section for a contact. 
  • Learn more about text notifications here.


The ‘Status’ column in the Text Notification table might show the following options: 

Sent: This refers to any notification that has been sent from your account but not yet delivered to the contact. 

Delivered: This refers to notifications successfully delivered to your contact. 

Possibly failed: check with contact: Unfortunately this means we are unable to tell if your contact has received your notification. Please reach out to them and check. This situation may continue to arise with certain contacts as it relates to specific phone carriers.

Failed: This refers to notifications that were not successfully delivered to your contact. The reason for the failure will appear here as well and can be one of the following: 

  • Unreachable number: There is an error with the contact’s phone number. Please check that the phone number selected as the contact’s texting number is a correctly formatted North American number. 
  • Rejected by carrier: The contact’s carrier has rejected the notification. This could be because the phone number is unable to receive text messages. Please check the phone number entered for the contact and make sure that it is a correctly formatted North American number.
  • Temporary error: An unusual error caused the notification to not be delivered. Please try again. 
  • Carrier error: An error occurred on the contact’s carrier side when we tried to deliver the notification. Please try again.

Unknown error: An unexpected and unknown error occurred when we tried to deliver the notification. Please try again.

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