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Can I Refund Unused Trust Funds with Clio Payments


  • Can Clio Payments refund from Trust?
  • How do I return unused trust funds to a client collected with Clio Payments?


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Additional Information:

  • If you integrate with QuickBooks Online, we can print the check for you. See here for more information.
  • Clio keeps you compliant and safe by only allowing funds to move into trust accounts, mitigating the risk of funds being moved in non-compliant ways. Clio only supports the ability to record disbursements for accounting purposes, but nowhere in Clio can you actually transfer those funds out of the trust bank account. 


No, you cannot refund unused Trust funds. To return unused funds, follow the steps provided:

  1. Click the Transactions sub-tab
  2. Select your Trust Account ledger from the drop-down menu
  3. Click Disburse/Release Funds
  4. Fill in the Amount
  5. Optional: Check box to Print check via QuickBooks Online
  6. Click Record Transaction

Please note: The above steps only record the transaction for accounting purposes. Unless you are printing a check via QuickBooks Online, you will still need to physically move funds from the trust account to your client. 

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