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InfoTrack Integration


Integrating with InfoTrack allows Clio users to order a variety of litigation services, including filing, service of process, and eSignatures, directly from any Clio matter.

With this integration activated, all order expenses are automatically record in Clio's "Activities" tab, so you can pass through 100% of the expense to your client.

Key features include:

  • File and serve documents directly from your Clio matter with built-in PDF conversion.
  • Receive court-returned documents that download to Clio automatically.
  • Capture all order costs for easy pass through
  • File and serve in multiple states with one login.
  • Search federal and bankruptcy courts in all 50 states, with real-time activity alerts.
  • Order vital business and real estate services.

To learn more about InfoTrack, book a demo or watch this short preview video.


Connecting InfoTrack with Clio
Using InfoTrack with Clio
Contact InfoTrack

Connecting InfoTrack with Clio

Once you have created an InfoTrack account and have logged in, click the "Connect to Clio" button at the top of the home screen.


Click the green "Allow Access" button. If you are not already logged in to your Clio account, you will be prompted to log in before you can connect.

Using InfoTrack with Clio

When using InfoTrack’s integration with Clio, the Clio toolbar will appear at the top of your InfoTrack home screen allowing you to select the Clio Matter you need to file from.


Information from Clio automatically pre-fills into the fields in InfoTrack.


Court stamped copies of your filings are saved on the Documents sub-tab of the relevant matter in Clio.


Expenses are automatically saved on the "Activities" sub-tab of the relevant matter in Clio.


Contact InfoTrack

To learn more about how InfoTrack works with Clio, please contact InfoTrack directly:

Phone: (844) 340-3096








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