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Clio Product Updates


March 2022

  • Grow and Manage integration improvements - Working across Grow and Manage is now more efficient. You can toggle between Grow and Manage from the top left corner of your dashboard. As well, contact and matter records can be exported from Grow to Manage in fewer clicks and you can track if a record has previously been exported, and when.

January 2022

December 2021

  • Court Rule enhancements - Intuitive and accurate Court Rule creation with Clio. You can now create a Court Rule with a specific start time. In addition, easily assign trigger events and matters with a searchable dropdown.
  • Text reminders for calendar events - Prevent meeting no-shows with reminders that are automatically texted to attendees ahead of a scheduled event.

November 2021

October 2021

  • Clio Drive - Securely create, access, edit, store, and collaborate on files and folders from the convenience of your desktop. Your files automatically sync between Clio Drive and Clio Documents.
  • Clio for Clients (now available) - Clio for Clients, Clio’s new secure client portal, is now available for some levels customers with Clio Manage subscription plans.
  • Redesigned Task Lists Experience - As part of milestone 3 of the tasks redesign, we are introducing an improved interface and new functionality to simplify how you work with and assign task lists. With the new interface, you can now assign task lists from the Matter Subtab, duplicate task lists and more.

September 2021

July 2021

June 2021

  • Currency symbol setting in Clio Grow - You can now change the currency symbol displayed in your Clio Grow account.
  • Bill Timeline - You can now rely on Clio as the single platform to house your client’s historical bill versions and reference the bill changes and communications you’ve sent within Clio at glance. This enables your practice to respond to your client’s billing-related questions promptly and with confidence.
  • Filter bills by issue date - Similar to the 'Due date' filter, you will be able to select a date range and filter bills using the issue date. This additional filter provides you with more options to track down client bills. 

May 2021

  • New Update to the Redesigned Tasks Experience - There’s a lot to love about the most recent release to Clio Tasks. This release brings a notable UI refresh in many parts of Tasks as well as many new features and feature improvements including the ability to customize the task table, view completed tasks, new date filters, improved time tracking, and much more.

April 2021

January 2021

  • Automated Bill Reminders - The new automated bill reminders feature in Clio Manage will enable you to save time and collect more of your receivables by informing clients via email of their outstanding balances on your behalf. Set it up once and let Clio handle the rest!
  • Clio Scheduler Advanced Booking Settings - New Clio Scheduler booking settings include: minimum advance booking notice, minimum buffer time before/after meetings, and start time increments. You can also generate a universal booking page that links to multiple appointment bookings options, such as different types of appointments (ie. virtual/in person) or booking links for different attorney’s.
  • Clio Scheduler Manual Timezone Adjustment - Clients or virtual receptionists booking appointments using Clio Scheduler can book appointments in their time zone and the appointment confirmation email will display the correct appointment time.
  • Redesigned Tasks Experience from ‘Create New’ - The new tasks creation experience will enable you to save time by avoiding redirects to the Tasks page. Now when you create a task from the ‘Create New’ button the creation fields will hover over the page.

December 2020

November 2020

  • Secure PDF Links - Billing Enhancement - Your clients will have a Secure Link to download their bills. This downloaded bill will be in PDF format and is the same experience as when you share Outstanding Balances.
  • Hard Cost Exporter - Xero Enhancement - We’ve enhanced our integration with Xero so that it will automatically record a spend money transaction, when you create a hard cost entry in Clio Manage.

October 2020

September 2020

August 2020

July 2020

  • Calendar and Task In-App Notifications Stay up to date with changes to your calendar events and tasks with notifications in the Clio Manage web and mobile apps.
  • In-App Notifications on Mobile The matter and document e-signature notifications you receive on web are now available on mobile.
  • Updated Outlook Add-in - You can now file emails to Clio when you hit ‘Send’ in Outlook. Plus, with Outlook 2016 or newer you can pin the add-in to appear each time you compose an email so you never forget to file. 

June 2020

May 2020 

  • Zoom Integration - Create or join video conferencing calls from your Clio Manage calendar. Unique meeting details and passwords keep your calls secure.
  • Microsoft Teams Integration - Stay connected and easily collaborate with your team with the new Microsoft Teams integration. One click to create and access teams from Clio Manage.
  • Clio Manage - In-App Notifications - New in-app notifications help you keep up to date with relevant changes to your matters.
  • Clio Manage Mobile Trial Sign-up - You can now sign up for a Clio Manage trial simply by downloading the Clio Manage mobile app and get started straight away. (Available on iOS and Android.)  
  • Clio Manage - Billing Enhancements
    • Bill Reorganization: We've reorganized and updated the 'Bills' section of Clio Manage to make your billing workflow more efficient. 
    • Bill Recipients: We've added the ability to designate multiple contacts as Bill Recipients to the bills you generate. When you've assigned one or more contacts as the bill recipient(s) of bills, they will automatically appear when it comes to sharing bills within Clio.
  • Account Ownership and Account Transfer Updates (beta) - We're redefining Account Owners as Primary Subscribers and improving visibility into role hierarchy within a firm. We have also streamlined the transfer of account ownership from the Primary Subscriber in changing firms.
  • User Work Reassignment - Whether members leave the firm, change roles, or collaborative workflows on cases are needed, efficiently bulk reassign work to other firm members in Clio Manage, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks and a consistent client experience is provided. 
  • Clio Scheduler + Clio Payments Clio Suite customers now have the ability to accept payment from prospective clients when they book a new appointment. Reduce the risk of no shows and guarantee payment from prospective clients. Collect funds for appointments up-front by accepting online credit card payments.
  • Public Intake Forms - Allow prospective clients to submit their information online, in a few simple clicks using public intake forms. Once submitted, Clio Grow will automatically create a new Contact and Matter populated with all the details your firm needs to engage in the next step of the intake process.

April 2020

  • E-Signatures in Clio Manage You can now send electronic signature requests from Clio Manage, and signed documents are automatically saved back to your documents.

March 2020 

  • Clio Payments Enhancements - Clio Payments’ Transactions and Payment Plans tables now contain additional credit card information, new filters for users to promptly locate clients or matters, drag and drop table sorting to rearrange parameters, and export functionality so users can download either PDF or CSV. 
  • Single Contact Import from Clio Manage to Clio Grow Clio Suite customers can now quickly and easily import existing contacts from their Clio Manage account, directly into their Clio Grow account.
  • Persistent Filters in Clio ManageYou no longer need to re-apply filters when returning to areas of Clio Manage that you have set to your preferred view.

February 2020

  • Clio Outlook Add-in: Improved Search Now search by Matter Description and Client Name (primary contact), as well as Matter Number, in Outlook when filing emails to matters in Clio Manage. 
  • New Matter Productivity by User Report Measure productivity and the profitability of your matters with the Matter Productivity by User report. This report breaks down–in detail by each user–the work completed across the firm, both billable and non-billable.

January 2020

  • Clio Mobile App improvements and new features - You asked, we listened, and we're continuing to improve. Add and edit contacts, view financial information, view statutes of limitations, tasks, and events in your month view, and more. 

December 2019

  • Filter the Firm Dashboard by user We’ve added a new filter to the Firm Dashboard that allows you to drill down and see what work is being recorded, billed, and collected on at an individual level.
  • Introducing Firm Dashboard The Firm Dashboard is the central place to track your firm’s utilization, realization, and collection rates so you can see how much billable work you’re doing, how much you're billing, and how much money you’re making.
  • Clio Launcher improvements - We’ve added more functionality to Clio Launcher including the ability to create a new .docx document from Clio and upload and scan to Clio workflows for easier filing.
  • Introducing Clio Scheduler - Clio Scheduler is an online appointment booking tool that enables firms to offer a booking process that's convenient for everyone. Using Clio Scheduler, firms can reduce the risk of no-shows, organize their client intake process, and save time.

November 2019

  • Clio Outlook Add-in update - Pin your Clio Outlook Add-in right into your main inbox view; making it easier to better use your favorite business tools together. Time tracking, email filing, and attachment saving to Clio Manage is now front-and-center as you work. 
  • Improved email filing and actions in Clio Manage No more searching, clicking, or wasting time—email attachments are now accessible from email logs in the Communications tab. (Plus, download or edit attachments with Clio Launcher in a click.)

October 2019

  • Clio Manage + QuickBooks Online Integration Improvements We’ve made a series of improvements to our Clio Manage + QuickBooks Online integration to optimize your firm’s financial workflows. These new features eliminate duplicate and manual data entry, reduce the risk of errors and save time.
  • Introducing the new Clio Mobile App - With a complete refresh, rebuild, and a new focus on the moments that matter most for legal professionals on the go, download the new Clio Mobile App today. 
  • Exporting a Matter's Related Contacts in Clio Manage - You can now view all client and related contact details at a glance when reviewing a matter from the matter dashboard, and export these details for use in mail merge or document automation solutions.
  • Clio Manage + Xero Sync Improvements Clio has implemented a series of sync improvements to deliver a more powerful Clio + Xero integration. 
  • Outstanding Balances - Simplify and manage your firm’s entire billing workflow in Clio. Outstanding Balances enables firms to view, share and manage your clients’ outstanding balances from one place in a few simple clicks— eliminating tedious invoicing tasks and reducing the risk of error. 

September 2019

  • Clio Connect Document Upload Notifications Clio Connect, a secure portal for sharing resources with your clients or co-counsel, now has email notifications so you don’t need to spend time checking folders for document uploads. 

August 2019

June 2019 

  • Full-Text Search in EMEA Clio's Full-Text Search (FTS) functionality enables you to search through document contents in addition to titles and authors.
  • Enhanced Custom Fields in Clio Manage - Clio has changed how custom field sets display now Custom fields are arranged in their group rather than in a randomized format. 

May 2019

  • Enhanced Zapier Integration for Clio Manage - the new Zapier integration now has more reliable performance, enhanced security, and a whole bunch of new features - including 12 new triggers, searches, and actions.
  • Clio Grow Lead Inbox  The Clio Grow Lead Inbox is the place where new potential clients will be captured from third-party sources or integrations.
  • Instant Clio Payments Notifications - An instant Clio Payments notification sent to both the Law Firm and the client so they are fully aware in real time that a Client has made a payment.
  • New API (V4) for Clio Manage Clio provides a RESTful open API for clients and 3rd party developers to create custom solutions and provide additional offerings and functionality to Clio's user base.

April 2019

February 2019


January 2019


December 2018


November 2018


October 2018

  • Clio Secure Payment Link - receive payment to your trust or operating accounts by sharing a secure payment page with your clients.
  • Updated iOS App menu - start a timer or create a new item from an easy-to-access spot in the app.
  • Two-factor authentication with the iOS App - log in to Clio securely and easily with a notification from the app.
  • Clio's Gmail Add-on - file emails and email attachments directly from Gmail to the relevant Matter in Clio.


September 2018


August 2018


July 2018

  • Bill Payment Edits - correct erroneous invoice payments to ensure that your Clio records are accurate.
  • Outlook Add-in update - file multiple emails from Outlook to Clio with enhanced speed and convenience via an infinitely scrolling list.


June 2018

  • Payment Plans - schedule recurring credit card payments to automatically collect on amounts owed or to replenish client trust accounts.


May 2018


April 2018


March 2018

  • Matter status in bulk - change Matter statuses from the Matter listing page.
  • Matters CSV export - display more data in the New Clio experience—every column you would get from the previous Clio experience, and up to five custom field columns.
  • Screen printing - display more important information and removes the sidebar menu.


February 2018


January 2018

  • Activities quick filters - filter your activities by day, week, month, or year in one click.
  • Recents view - display an equal amount of Contacts and Matters.
  • Android global create update - improved timer and customization.
  • Custom field columns - display up to five columns of custom field information on the Matter listing page.


December 2017

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