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Clio Product Updates

November 2019

October 2019

  • Clio Manage + QuickBooks Online Integration ImprovementsWe’ve made a series of improvements to our Clio Manage + QuickBooks Online integration to optimize your firm’s financial workflows. These new features eliminate duplicate and manual data entry, reduce the risk of errors and save time.
  • Introducing the new Clio Mobile App - With a complete refresh, rebuild, and a new focus on the moments that matter most for legal professionals on the go, download the new Clio Mobile App today. 
  • Exporting a Matter's Related Contacts in Clio Manage - You can now view all client and related contact details at a glance when reviewing a matter from the matter dashboard, and export these details for use in mail merge or document automation solutions.
  • Clio Manage + Xero Sync Improvements Clio has implemented a series of sync improvements to deliver a more powerful Clio + Xero integration. 
  • Outstanding Balances - Simplify and manage your firm’s entire billing workflow in Clio. Outstanding Balances enables firms to view, share and manage your clients’ outstanding balances from one place in a few simple clicks— eliminating tedious invoicing tasks and reducing the risk of error.


September 2019

  • Clio Connect Document Upload NotificationsClio Connect, a secure portal for sharing resources with your clients or co-counsel, now has email notifications so you don’t need to spend time checking folders for document uploads.


August 2019


June 2019 

  • Full-Text Search in EMEAClio's Full-Text Search (FTS) functionality enables you to search through document contents in addition to titles and authors.
  • Enhanced Custom Fields in Clio Manage - Clio has changed how custom field sets display now Custom fields are arranged in their group rather than in a randomized format. 


May 2019

  • Enhanced Zapier Integration for Clio Manage - the new Zapier integration now has more reliable performance, enhanced security, and a whole bunch of new features - including 12 new triggers, searches, and actions.
  • Clio Grow Lead Inbox  - The Clio Grow Lead Inbox is the place where new potential clients will be captured from third-party sources or integrations.
  • Instant Clio Payments Notifications - An instant Clio Payments notification sent to both the Law Firm and the client so they are fully aware in real time that a Client has made a payment.
  • New API (V4) for Clio Manage - Clio provides a RESTful open API for clients and 3rd party developers to create custom solutions and provide additional offerings and functionality to Clio's user base.


April 2019


February 2019


January 2019


December 2018


November 2018


October 2018


September 2018


August 2018


July 2018

  • Bill Payment Edits - correct erroneous invoice payments to ensure that your Clio records are accurate.
  • Outlook Add-in update - file multiple emails from Outlook to Clio with enhanced speed and convenience via an infinitely scrolling list.


June 2018

  • Payment Plans - schedule recurring credit card payments to automatically collect on amounts owed or to replenish client trust accounts.
  • Improvements to Clio Exports - get more useful information when exporting data from Clio.


May 2018


April 2018


March 2018

  • Matter status in bulk - change Matter statuses from the Matter listing page.
  • Matters CSV export - display more data in the New Clio experience—every column you would get from the previous Clio experience, and up to five custom field columns.
  • Screen printing - display more important information and removes the sidebar menu.


February 2018


January 2018


December 2017

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