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YoCierge offers record retrieval, phone system, and live receptionist services that integrate with Clio to make document requests faster, tracking phone calls and expenses easier, and provides a better overall experience for the clients.

Matter data from Clio is automatically filled out in your YoCierge portal, expenses are automatically uploaded, and billings are maximized. Client calls made using YoCierge’s proprietary phone system get automatically logged under the Matter, making future billing easier and protecting revenue. Client and Matter information is shown on inbound calls, enabling attorneys and receptionists to greet clients by name and transfer to the responsible attorney, providing a better experience for your clients.

To sign up for YoCierge, visit and click "Get Started". A representative from YoCierge will then contact you with more details.


Connecting YoCierge with Clio
Using YoCierge with Clio
     Submitting a New Record Retrieval Request
     Using the YoCierge Phone and Live Receptionist Integration with Clio
More About YoCierge

Connecting YoCierge with Clio

Once you have opened a YoCierge account and have logged in, click on your username and select "My Preferences".


Click on the "Connect with Clio" button.


You will now be prompted to authorize the connection with Clio. 

On the "Connect with Clio" screen, click the green "Yes, Let's Connect" button. If you are not already logged in to your Clio account, you will be prompted to log in before you can connect.

You might need to wait 15 minutes for synchronization to begin and for your Clio data to start appearing on your phone and the YoCierge portal.

Using YoCierge with Clio

Submitting a New Record Retrieval Request

Start New Record Retrieval

In the YoCierge portal, click "Start New Record Retrieval".


Start typing the Matter ID in the "Matter Name" field. YoCierge will display any Matters in Clio that match. Select the appropriate Matter.


Next, complete the order details.


In the "Delivery Information" step, the Matter's Responsible Attorney in Clio will automatically be selected as the person that the records should be delivered to.


In the "Patient/Subject" step, the Matter's Client in Clio will automatically be selected. Add any additional information required, such as Social Insurance Number and Date of Birth.


Complete the next couple of steps by adding the hospitals or doctor offices that you are requesting documents from, and attach any HIPAA authorization forms or other documents to support your request.

Once YoCierge retrieves your client’s records, the expense of the retrieval will automatically appear on the appropriate Matter in Clio.


Additionally you can find a copy of YoCierge's bill in the "Documents" tab of the Matter in a new folder called "YoCierge Invoices".


Using the YoCierge Phone and Live Receptionist Integration with Clio

Integrated Call Display

When you receive a call from an existing client or contact, YoCierge's phone system will search your Clio account for the caller's number. If the system finds a match, it will display the Contact's name, Matter name, Matter Description, and Responsible Attorney. This makes it easier for you to handle the call and welcome the client by name.

For clients with multiple matters, the call display will show details for the most recent open Matter.

Automatic Call Logs

Once YoCierge has matched a caller to a client and Matter in Clio, it is able to start a Communication log in Clio. You can then complete the call details on the log and add a Time Entry if desired.  


Live Receptionist

When YoCierge’s Live Receptionist receives a call from a Clio Contact, they will immediately know that the call is from an existing client and who the Responsible Attorney is. The caller will experience a more pleasant experience by being welcomed by name. The receptionist can decide if the call is urgent and follow your firm's guidelines. If instructed accordingly, they can transfer the call to the mobile phone of the Responsible Attorney.

Just like calls made from a YoCierge phone system, calls received by a Live Receptionist are also logged automatically in Clio. This provides important data for future billing or other inquiries.


More About YoCierge

YoCierge has prepared this short video about using their app with Clio.

If you need more information about using YoCierge with Clio, please contact them directly.

Phone: 855-YOCIERG (855-962-4374)




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