How To Apply A Write Off/Credit Note


  • Apply a credit note on a Bill
  • How to add a write-off to a Bill
  • Writing off a remaining balance
  • How to write off a Bill


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

Bills must be Approved and in Awaiting Payment in order to apply a Write Off or Credit Note 

If you accidentally double charged a time entry or expense and no payment has been made on a bill, here is how to void the bill. Click here for information on how to delete a time or expense entry. 

For instruction on how to apply a credit to a Bill already Billed, click here.


  1. Locate and view the Bill that you want to apply a write off on
  2. Click the Credit notes sub-tab
  3. Click Add credit note
  4. Enter any applicable information
  5. Click Save credit note


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