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How to Transfer Funds Matter to Matter


  • Transfer funds between Matters for the same client
  • Transfer Trust funds between Matters
  • How to transfer funds from one matter to another matter
  • Transfer Operating funds from one Matter to another
  • Apply funds to a different Matter than where they are under


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • This process will only work if both Matters are listed under the same Client contact. If the Matters belong to different Clients, you would need to Disburse Funds  from the current Matter, then add them as a New Transaction to the other Matter. 
  • Make sure the receiving Matter status is "Open"
  • Make sure that you are viewing the correct account from within the Transactions subtab of the Matter (for example, if you have more than one Trust account, be sure you are in the right one, where the funds are located, before clicking the Transfer funds button.
  • For information on how to display Matter to Matter Transfers on a Bill's Client Account, see here


  1. Access the page for either of the Matters
  2. Click the Transactions sub-tab 
  3. Select the desired (Trust or Operating) Account (from the dropdown menu on the left, under "Transactions")
  4. Click Transfer funds
  5. Select Between matters
  6. For Source, select the Matter where the funds are currently being held
  7. For Destination, choose the Matter where you wish to move the funds
  8. Enter the Amount being transferred 
  9. Fill in any additional information 
  10. Click Record Transfer

Note: For Step 6, if you are expecting your Matters to appear, but only see "Client Balance" as the sole option under "Source", then you need to go back to Step 3 and select the correct account before clicking Transfer funds, as you may be looking at Operating Account funds instead of Trust Funds. 


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