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How to Apply Previously Recorded Funds to an Invoice


  • Apply credit/overpayment to a Bill
  • Use Operating funds to pay a Bill


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

This procedure applies funds that have already been recorded in the Operating Account for a Client/Matter, either as a payment recorded before the Bill was approved/issued or as a credit for an overpayment. If you haven't done this, please see article: How To Record a Payment for a Bill that hasn't been approved yet


  1. Make sure the new invoice is Approved and in Unpaid
  2. View the appropriate invoice 
  3. Click on Record Payment
  4. From the Source dropdown, select Operating Account (Matter) or Operating Account (Client) depending on where the funds are located
  5. Enter in the appropriate amount you would like to apply to the invoice 
  6. Make any other desired changes to the Description field
  7. Click Record Payment at the bottom of the page



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