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How To Record a Payment for a Bill that hasn't been approved yet


  • Keep track of client payments before the Bill has been sent out/approved/mailed
  • Record a Pre-Payment, Credit or Advanced Fees
  • How to add credit to Clients operating account
  • How to save funds without a Bill


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

This is step 1 of a 2-step workaround for keeping track of payments made in real life by the client to the firm, before a Bill has been approved and issued to the client. This gives the client a "credit" in the Operating Account that can later be applied to a Bill.

Step 2: Applying previously recorded payments on a Bill, click here.

For Clio's typical Billing Workflow please see the "Billing Workflow" article.


  1. Locate the Matter/Contact who has given money in real life
  2. Click Transactions
  3. Select the Operating Account from the Ledger dropdown
  4. Click the green Add button 
  5. Fill in the desired information 
  6. Click Record Transaction


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