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KCS - How to Adjust Mistakenly Applied Trust Payments


  • To fix a mistake made on a Trust Request, as the payment was received in error
  • How do we Delete Trust Request Deposits from Clio?
  • Reverse Trust Request Payment
  • Remove Trust Payment recorded in error


  • Clio Web App
  • Client/Matter > Transactions

Additional Information:

Once a payment has been received on a Trust Request, it cannot be deleted (although credit card payments via Clio Payments can be voided up until the payment processing has completed). If a payment has been received in error, or if you need to return trust funds to a client, you must record a disbursement. 

A negative entry will be created in the trust account ledger showing that the funds have been disbursed.


  1. Navigate to the Transactions subtab of the Contact or the Matter (whichever you have assigned the trust funds to)
  2. Select the trust account
  3. Click Disburse Funds
  4. Fill in the relevant fields
  5. Click Disburse Funds


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