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How to Adjust Mistakenly Applied Payments on Trust/Client Funds Requests


  • To fix a mistake made on a Trust/Client Request, as the payment was received in error
  • Correct misapplied Trust/Client Fund deposits
  • How do we Delete Trust/Client Request Deposits from Clio?
  • Reverse Trust/Client Request Payment
  • Remove Trust/Client Payment recorded in error
  • How to disburse funds


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • Once a payment has been received on a Trust/Client Request, it cannot be deleted (although credit card payments via Clio Payments can be voided up until the payment processing has completed). If a payment has been received in error, or if you need to return Trust/Client funds to a client, you must record a disbursement. See here for more details on why we do not allow deletions of Trust/Client Request Payments
  • A negative entry will be created in the Trust/Client account ledger showing that the funds have been disbursed.


  1. Navigate to the Transactions subtab of the Contact or the Matter (whichever you have assigned the Trust/Client funds to)
  2. Select the Trust/Client account
  3. Click Disburse/Release Funds
  4. Fill in the relevant fields
  5. Click Record Transaction
  6. Once funds are disbursed, re-enter the payment as a new transaction within the Trust/Client account


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