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How to Export Calendars?


  • Migrate Calendar information out of Clio
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  • How do I export my Calendar


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Additional Information:

You can only export events from a calendar that you have permission to view.

Note that only an Event's Date, Start Time, End Time, Summary, and Description can be exported at this time. Clio will export Events starting from 30 days in the past and will export Events indefinitely into the future

.ics files use a standard format for storing Calendar events and can be imported into most Calendar applications. 

If you are looking for up for the past 6 months, you can setup a sync to either a Google or Office365 calendar sync to export this information from these calendars.

For longer durations in the past, this can be done by using our API found at: to export this information. If you require assistance for this option, it is best to reach out to an external Developer with this Support Article.


  1. Click on Calendar
  2. Click on the More button
  3. Select the Calendar Feeds option
  4. Find the Calendar you wish to export and click the Download <Calendar> ics link
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