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New Clio Experience: Capturing Your Time

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This article refers to the new Clio experience. If you are looking for the current Clio experience, try one of these articles:

The new Clio experience introduces efficiencies to capturing and managing your time and reimbursable expenses, and will help you ensure that every billable minute is being recorded and billed.  


New Activities Page Experience
Recording Activities
Continuing a Timer from a Previous Day
The New Timekeeper

New Activities Page Experience

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The new "Activities" page combines time and expense entries in a single table that can be easily sorted and filtered to show only the information that is relevant to you. 


  1. New segment buttons: view only time or expense entries
  2. Type column: When viewing all Activities, time and expense entries can be identified in the "Type" column
  3. Add Activities buttons: Add new time and expense entries from the same screen
  4. Columns menu button: Select which columns to show or hide in the Activities table


Recording Activities

While the windows to record time and expense entries are very similar to what you are used to, we have added a few small improvements to help you ensure that your activities are accurate.


  1. Updated timer - Starting a timer within any "Time entry" window will allow you to keep track of your time down to the second. If you close the "Time entry" window while the timer is active, you can continue to monitor the time spend on your activity in the Clio header.
  2. Rate type - As you enter in the details of your activity, you can see where the rate is being drawn from (i.e. the client, Matter, activity category, or custom).
  3. Did you forget the Matter? - If you try to save a time entry without selecting a Matter, you will be prompted to confirm that a Matter is not required. This will help you to ensure that billable time isn't missed when you forget to associate a time entry with a Matter. 

Continuing a Timer from a Previous Day

When you continue a timer from a previous day, all of the details from that time entry will automatically be copied over to a new time entry for today. The timer will then continue for today. 

With this new functionality, all previous, unbilled, hourly time entries can be used as a template to quickly start a new timer for those tasks that you repeat daily.

The New Timekeeper

A timer can be started from any page in Clio by clicking on the timer field in the Clio header. As soon as you stop the timer you will be prompted to complete the time entry details and add a Matter while details are still fresh in your mind. 

Click on the timekeeper_button.png button beside the timer field to open a list of the hourly time entries you have recorded today.


  1. Total hourly time that you have recorded today
  2. Currently running timer 
  3. Click "See all time entries" to open the "Activities" page


For a Video option to view this process please click the link here


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