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New Clio Experience: Syncing Trust Transactions with QuickBooks Online

Clio's updated QuickBooks integration can now sync all of your trust transactions from Clio to QuickBooks Online for your primary trust account. 

If the ledgers for your primary trust account in Clio and QuickBooks Online are balanced, you can start immediately syncing new trust transactions one-way from Clio to QuickBooks Online. 

Trust transactions that are synced from Clio to QuickBooks Online include:

  • Manual additions or disbursements of trust funds
  • Matter to Matter transfers of trust funds
  • Payments made to Trust Requests
  • Payments on Revenue Bills from a trust account
  • Edits to any of these transactions

To start syncing your trust transactions with QuickBooks Online, ensure that you have both a trust bank account and a trust liability account set up in QuickBooks Online. 


If your QuickBooks Online account already has the appropriate trust accounts, you can enable the trust sync in Clio by going to the "Bill Syncing" Settings page and selecting your trust accounts. 


For full instructions on how to set up Clio's integration with QuickBooks Online, see the "Setting up your QuickBooks Online Integration" article. Also for information on Trust Check Printing instructions, see QuickBooks Online: Trust Check Printing.


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