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New Clio Experience: Recording Payments on Your Invoices

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This article refers to the new Clio experience. If you are looking for the current Clio experience, see the Recording Payments on Bills article.

When applying payments in the new Clio experience, you are given instant visibility into your clients' funds, which can be applied to multiple bills at once.


Recording Payments on a Single Bill
Recording Bulk Payments for Multiple Bills for a Single Client
Auto Trust Application

Recording Payments on a Single Bill

To record a payment on a single bill:

  1. Locate the bill in the Unpaid state, click on the action button, then select "Record payment"; OR
  2. Click on the "Record payment" button at the top right of the Bills screen to record a payment for any bill.


When recording a payment, you will be provided with some new options and information.


  1. Once the client has been selected, a list of available trust and operating funds will be displayed to help you see all funds available to pay the client's bill
  2. The new "Reference" field allows you to record a check, wire transfer, or other payment reference number for reporting and compliance purposes
  3. A payment amount entered into the global payment amount field will automatically distribute payments when multiple Matters appear on the bill 
    • Payments will be applied to Matters in the order that they appear in the table (default order: oldest Matter to newest Matter)
    • Resorting the table by clicking on the "Issue Date" or "Due In" column headers will allow you to apply payment based on issue date or due date
  4. Alternately, you can specify the exact amount to be paid to each Matter on the bill

Recording Bulk Payments for Multiple Bills for a Single Client

To record payments on all outstanding bills for a single client, click on the "Record payment" button at the top right of the Bills screen.

In the Record payment screen, select the client to display all outstanding bills.

To automatically apply payments across all bills, enter in an amount into the global payment amount field above the invoice table. Alternately, you can specify the exact amount to be paid to each bill.


Auto Trust Application

For clients with money in trust, you can apply these funds automatically to Bills when approving them.

Select the Bill(s) and then select "Approve & apply trust" from the actions dropdown menu.


You will be prompted to select the destination account and then funds will be applied to the selected Bill(s).

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