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How to Turn on Clio Payment Email Receipts in LawPay


  • Enable an email notification when an authorized Clio Payment is submitted
  • Receive a notification when a client or firm member records a Clio Payment
  • Sending a notification confirming payment via Clio Payments
  • Send a Client a Receipt Confirming their Payment 


  • LawPay Developer settings

Additional Information:

When a Clio Payment is first recorded it will be labeled as Authorized for the first 24-48 hours. This time varies depending on what time within the day it was processed. After the 24-48 hours the Clio Payment moves to Completed. When a Clio Payment is recorded, prior to enabling this setting within LawPay, the client as well as the firm will only receive an email notification when the Payment is Completed. When you walk through the steps below this will also provide the client and firm an email notification when the Clio Payment is first submitted as Authorized. Therefore, they will receive a notification when submitting the payment as well as when it is fully processed. When turning this on it will be on a going forward basis.


  1. Login to LawPay
  2. Select the firms name in the upper-right corner
  3. Select Developers
  4. Toggle both Send customer receipts when payment is processed and Send merchant receipts when payment is processed to On. Both customer and merchant receipts should say On after this step.


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