Bulk Editing of Time Entries

To edit multiple Time Entries at once, select the entries you want to edit and then select "Edit" from the actions dropdown menu. 

In the "Edit Multiple Time Entries" window, you can edit the Date, Matter, User, and Rate for the selected Time Entries.

After you enter your changes, you will need to confirm that you understand the consequences of the bulk edit. Mainly, whatever values you enter into the fields on this page will affect all of the selected Time Entries.

Warning: This Action Cannot be Undone

The original Time Entry details (Date, Matter, User, and Rate) will not be saved anywhere in Clio after the Time Entries are edited.

Click the "Save Time Entries" button to complete the edit for those Time Entries.

Restrictions on Editing Multiple Time Entries:

  • Only Administrators can use this function
  • Only unbilled Time Entries can be edited
  • The Rate field is blocked if both flat rate and hourly Time Entries are selected
    • You are only able to edit either hourly OR flat rate entries at one time; not both.
  • The Matter field is blocked if Time Entries from different Matters are selected
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