Fasterlaw (formerly Alphadrive) is a brand new way of working with Clio documents. It creates a sync between Windows Explorer and Clio. This turns Clio into a network file server and enables you to work on your documents without having to download and re-upload them.

In addition, installing Fasterlaw gives you the ability to quickly create Clio Contacts, make video calls, and record time entries right from your computer's desktop.

To sign up for a free 7 day trial of Fasterlaw (Alphadrive), visit



The Faster Law Knowledge Base has links to FAQs, Known Issues, Feature Requests, and more! If you have a question, you’ll usually find the answer here! 

Faster Law’s Full Video Library is a great place to view tutorials and see every AlphaDrive feature in action!  - 

To Contact FasterLaw - (402) 401-7568 - support email address.

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