KCS - How to Send Emails to Clio using Maildrop


  • Save/Forward copies of emails to Clio Matters
  • Record of Communications in one place in Clio
  • How to use Maildrop to save emails


  • Clio Web App
  • Email Client

Additional Information:

If you want to save this Maildrop address for future use, you can make it a Contact in your Email program by following these steps: "How to add Maildrop Email Address as a Contact in your Email Provider".

If you are using Gmail, the Clio chrome plugin for gmail will be more efficient than using the Maildrop. Download it here.

If you are using Outlook, the Clio Outlook add-in will be more efficient than using the Maildrop. Instructions for downloading it are here.


New Clio Experience:

  1. Open Matter you want to save an email to.
  2. Click on the Communications sub-tab.
  3. Click the ▼ beside the Add Email Log button.
  4. Click File Emails with Maildrop
  5. Click Copy matter Maildrop address
  6. Open your email program
  7. Open the email message that you want to save in Clio
  8. Paste the Maildrop email into the To:, Bcc:, or Cc: fields
  9. Send the email.

Back in Clio, you will now be able to view a record of the forwarded email message in the Communications sub-tab of the appropriate Matter.


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