KCS - How to add Maildrop Address as a Contact in your Email Client


  • Add Matters as contacts in email client
  • Save Maildrop/Matter address for reuse
  • Create a sustainable/efficient workflow for filing emails into Clio


  • Clio Web App
  • Matters > Communications
  • Maildrop
  • Email client

Additional Information:

This is useful for filing emails to a Matter more than once (so you don't have to go into Clio to find the Matter Maildrop address each time). When corresponding with the client, CC or BCC the newly made contact with the Clio Maildrop address.


Previous Clio Experience

  1. Go to the Matter you want to file emails to
  2. Click the Communications subtab
  3. Click Email Communications to this Matter button
  4. Copy the Maildrop email address
  5. Go to your Email client (Gmail, Outlook, etc.)
  6. Add a new contact
  7. Give the new contact the same name as your Clio Matter
  8. Add your Clio Maildrop email address as the new contact's email address
  9. Save the contact

New Clio Experience

1. Go to your Matter.
2. Go to the Communications tab.
3. Click the dropdown menu beside Add email log.
4. Click file emails with maildrop.
5. Click copy email.


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