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How to Edit or Delete a Misapplied Bill Payment


  • Remove an invalid Bill Payment
  • Edit a Bill Payment that was recorded with the incorrect amount
  • Un-pay a Bill marked as Paid
  • Remove a Bill Payment so I can edit the Bill
  • How to delete a Payment off a Bill
  • How to delete a Payment off of an Invoice 


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

These steps apply to Direct Payments, and payments made using a Client's Trust/Operating balance.

Clio Payments (payments made via credit cards) using Clio Payments cannot be deleted and must be Refunded.

For information on how to adjust misapplied payments on Trust Requests, see here.


  1. Click on the Bill ID number to view the Bill
  2. Click the Payments sub-tab on the Bill
  3. Click Edit to make changes to the Bill Payment, or the arrow down button to Delete the Bill Payment
  4. If you are editing the Bill Payment, you can make the changes and select Record Payment


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