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KCS - How to Carryover Outstanding Balances into Clio


  • Bringing over previous balances into Clio

  • Inputting prior accounts receivables

  • Record previous Accounts Receivables within Clio

  • Add rollover balances


  • Clio Web App

  • Activities > Activity Descriptions

Additional Information:

You can generate the Invoice right away, or wait for your billing time where there may be new time entries added to bill.


Previous Clio

  1. Navigate to the Activities tab
  2. Select the Activity Descriptions subtab
  3. Select the green Add button
  4. Enter the name to be Balance Forward etc.
  5. Select Flat Rate as the Billing Method
  6. Select Save
  7. Navigate to the Time sub-tab in a Matter
  8. Select Add
  9. Select the created Activity Description 
  10. Populate the Rate with the amount being brought forward
  11. Click Save

New Clio

  1. Navigate to the Activities tab
  2. Click on the Activity categories button (top-right)
  3. Click Add activity category
  4. Enter the Name (e.g., Outstanding Balance)
  5. Select Flat Rate as the Billing method
  6. Leave the Rate as 0.00
  7. Click Save category
  8. Access the page for the appropriate matter
  9. Navigate to the Activities sub-tab
  10. Select Add time
  11. Select the created Activity category 
  12. Populate the Rate with the outstanding balance
  13. Click Save entry
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