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How to Pay a Bill With Trust/Client Funds


  • Apply a Payment to a Bill from Trust Funds
  • Reduce Trust balance
  • Record Payment from Trust
  • Pay Bill from Trust
  • Bill Payment from retainer
  • Transferring funds from retainer account
  • How to Make a Payment from Trust
  • Transfer Trust Funds to the Operating Account for Work Completed and Billed
  • Record a payment from an Escrow account
  • Do the funds get transferred to my real-life bank accounts automatically?


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Additional Information:

Please note that a Bill must be generated and approved prior to following the steps below.

Also, the option to choose Trust/Client Funds will only appear if funds have been added to those Accounts for the Client/Matter.

Trust/Client fund amounts recorded as payment on bills will automatically move to your Operating account.

Will Recording a Payment From Trust Move the Money in my Real-Life Bank Account?


  1. Open the Bill 
  2. Select Record Payment 
  3. Change the Source to Trust/Client (Matter) or Trust/Client (Client)
  4. Enter the amount you would like to pay in the Payment field 
  5. Select Record Payment Screen_Shot_2022-07-19_at_11.12.27_AM.png

Note: This method allows you to select a custom amount to record a payment from the trust to the bill.



  1. Open the Bill 
  2. Click More Actions
  3. Click Apply Trust/ClientScreen_Shot_2022-07-19_at_11.20.12_AM.png
  4. Select the Destination accountScreen_Shot_2022-07-19_at_11.21.25_AM.png
  5. Click Apply Trust/Client

Note: This method will not allow you to select a custom amount, it will try to use as much as possible to record a full payment from the trust to the bill. Depending on your bill and available trust funds you may exhaust the full trust or have something remaining.

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