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Legalinc automates basic legal tasks so that legal service providers can provide efficient, excellent professional services to their clients. They do this by building best-of-breed software to facilitate entity formation, registered agent services as well as mission-critical compliance services. Their robust, scalable software platform accomplishes two key objectives:  

  • Error reduction: By automating basic legal tasks, we are able to virtually eliminate errors and provide complete visibility on the compliance lifecycle of all of your clients’ companies.  
  • Cost containment: Because software doesn’t need to eat, sleep or visit the doctor, we are able to provide market-leading service levels at significantly reduced costs.

Legalinc provides practice automation support for any law firm that is fully integrated with Clio. Practice automation includes entity formation, registered agent services and compliance services. By leveraging Legalinc’s platform, Clio will be able to fulfill additional dimensions of its mission of helping lawyers build a better, more efficient practice.  

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Connecting Legalinc to Clio
Using Legalinc with Clio

Connecting Legalinc to Clio

1. In your Legalinc dashboard, click the “Connect with Clio” button beneath “Payment Method”. Clio’s API is only exposed through OAuth 2.0. In order to access data from Clio via API, our integration must obtain authorization from the user.

2. You'll see the "Sign in to Clio" form. Enter your Clio credentials and click "Sign In".

3. After successfully logging in, you will be presented with a screen asking you to grant access to the integration. Approve the integration.

4. When you have approved the integration, you will be redirected back to your Legalinc dashboard with an authorization code.

5. Save this token for future requests.

6. Your dashboard will show that it has been connected to Clio.

7. You can now import your Clio “Contacts” into your Legalinc dashboard. You can initiate a sync from here or against particular contacts or companies in the “Companies” tab on the dashboard sidebar.

Using Legalinc with Clio

1. To import from Clio, ensure that the companies you want to import are properly listed in Clio.

2. In your Legalinc dashboard, click on the “Companies” tab on the sidebar.

3. Click “Sync Now”.

4. Once it is finished syncing, the new companies that are retrieved from Clio will be displayed in the list.


If you would like more information on how to work with Legalinc’s integration with Clio, please email or call 866.757.5850 and ask to speak to a customer support team member.

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