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How to Void a Bill


  • How to delete an Approved Bill
  • Remove an Invoice from Awaiting Payment
  • Void Bill
  • How do I reverse an outstanding invoice? 


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

If you do not see the option to Void the Bill within the Actions drop-down it may be due to a Payment or Credit Note being applied. These will need to be deleted before you are able to Void the Bill. For information, click here


Viewing the invoice

  1. Navigate to the Bills page (left menu) 
  2. View the Bill by clicking the Invoice Number
  3. Click More Actions
  4. Click Void and confirmScreen_Shot_2019-11-08_at_3.06.24_PM.png

Selecting the invoice from the Bills page

  1. Navigate to the Bills page (left menu) 
  2. Under the Bills sub-tab, select Awaiting Payment to find the invoice you wish to void
  3. Select the dropdown next to the Share button
  4. Click Void and confirm



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