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How to Disburse or Release Trust/Client Funds


  • I have extra client funds; how do I give the trust funds back? 
  • How to give a client back trust funds
  • How to return client funds
  • How to disburse/release funds
  • How to disburse/release trust funds
  • How to disburse/release client funds
  • How to pay a third party charge or fee from Trust
  • How to withdraw funds 
  • How do I enter a refund to a client from their IOLTA account? 
  • How do I record a client refund from my IOLTA account? 
  • How to refund unused trust funds
  • How to record a retainer refund


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • On the EU Server, the button will say Release Funds instead of Disburse Funds.

  • Once funds are added to a Client's Trust/Client Account Ledger, they can be used to make payments on that client's invoices. But, sometimes, these funds need to be disbursed back to the client or to a 3rd party. This article will show how to disburse funds from the Trust/Client account.

  • Trust/Client funds may be assigned to either a Client or a Matter. For more details see: Trust/Client Account Management in Clio 


  1. Go to the Contact or Matter depending on where the trust funds are located 
  2. Click the Transactions sub-tab
  3. Select your Trust/Client Account ledger out of the drop-down menu at the top-left (beside the date range)
  4. Click Disburse/Release Funds
  5. Fill in the Amount
  6. Click Record Transaction


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