KCS - How to Disburse Trust Funds


  • I have extra client funds; how do I give the trust funds back? 
  • How to give a client back trust funds
  • How to return client funds
  • How to disburse funds
  • How to disburse trust funds
  • How to pay a third party charge or fee from Trust
  • How to withdraw funds 
  • How do I enter a refund to a client from their IOLTA account? 
  • How do I record a client refund from my iolta account? 


  • Transactions subtab
  • Matter
  • Contact

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  1. Go to the Contact or Matter depending on where the trust funds are located 
  2. Click the Transactions sub tab
  3. Select the Trust Ledger 
  4. Click Disburse Funds
  5. Fill in the Amount
  6. Click Record Transaction


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