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How Does my Client Send me Documents via Clio for Clients


  • How do I get my Client a Clio for Clients Account without sharing anything?
  • How can my Client send me documents if I don't want to share anything with them?
  • Easy way for my Client to share mClick ultiple documents with my Firm
  • Create and share a folder via C4C


  • Clio Connect
  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

To find out more about your Client's experience with Clio for Clients please see the resources below:

Logging in to Clio for Clients

Using Clio for Clients



Clients will be able to upload documents and send them back to your firm once logged into Clio for Clients. How they do this will depend on whether they are logged in on the web or through the Mobile App.


Mobile App:

  1. Click the Send Document button
  2. Choose a method to upload the file (scan document, take photo, browse photos, browse files)
  3. Add a message if desired
  4. Update the file name (optional)
  5. Choose a folder to upload the file into (optional)
  6. Send

Web App:

  1. Navigate to the Documents tab
  2. Click the Send Document button
  3. Choose the desired file
  4. Add a message (optional)
  5. Choose a folder to upload the file into (optional)
  6. Send

Note: If you share a folder from within the matter's documents section to Clio for Clients the client will be able to select that folder when they upload their documents.


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