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How Does my Client Send me Documents via Clio for Clients


  • How do I get my Client a Clio for Clients Account without sharing anything?
  • How can my Client send me documents if I don't want to share anything with them?
  • Easy way for my Client to share multiple documents with my Firm
  • Create and share a folder via C4C


  • Clio Connect
  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

There has to be at least one item shared in order to initiate Clio for Clients sharing.

Recommended workflow: Share an empty document folder with your client so that they can upload directly into it on their end. 

Please note: These steps need to be done by the full account in order to allow for a Clio for Clients User (Client) to upload Documents. Steps that a Clio for Clients User will need to upload documents can be found here.


  1. Navigate to the Matter 
  2. Select Documents subtab
  3. Select New
  4. Select Folder from the drop down menu
  5. Name the new Folder
  6. Select Share via Clio for Clients under the new folder you created
  7. Select the intended recipient 
  8. Write an optional message (ex. Please add all documents you would like me to review into this folder)
  9. Select Share


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