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Why Aren't Maildrop Emails Showing Up On A Matter?


  • I'm forwarding an email to Clio, but it's not showing up anywhere
  • My Clients' e-mails aren't appearing in the Matter or Contact Communications.
  • Emails forwarded via Maildrop are not being added to the Matter
  • Maildrop doesn't work
  • Maildrop isn't working


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

Clio blocks all received Maildrop emails from unfamiliar email addresses to prevent unauthorized 3rd parties from maliciously creating data in our users' accounts. 


Clio will block all received Maildrop emails unless either:

  1. The email address it was sent from matches the email address of a user on that Clio account
  2. The email address it was sent from matches an email alias of a user on that Clio account



  1. Add your email address as a Maildrop Alias (see here).
  2. Create a new user in the Clio account that uses that email address.
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