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Why Aren't Maildrop Emails Showing Up on a Matter?


  • I'm forwarding an email to Clio, but it's not showing up anywhere
  • My Clients' e-mails aren't appearing in the Matter or Contact Communications
  • Emails forwarded via Maildrop are not being added to the Matter
  • Maildrop doesn't work
  • Maildrop isn't working


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

Clio blocks all received Maildrop emails from unfamiliar email addresses to prevent unauthorized 3rd parties from maliciously creating data in our users' accounts. 

Email Aliases are User specific, not firm-wide.

Once you have added the Email Alias to your account in Clio, this will only affect emails going forward. Previous emails will need to be re-sent. 


Clio will block all received Maildrop emails unless either:

  • The email address it was sent from matches the email address of a user on that Clio account
  • The email address it was sent from matches an email alias of a user on that Clio account


  • Add your email address as a Maildrop Alias (for the steps to do so, click here)
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