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How to Include Multiple Clients and Addresses on a Bill


  • Include two Clients with different addresses on a Bill
  • Add additional Company addresses on a Bill
  • Display two parties with different locations on an Invoice


  • Clio Web App
  • Contacts
  • Bills

Additional Information:

This will ensure that all Bills generated will automatically include the additional information. You do also have the option of editing the address field on fly when viewing the Bill Preview as well(How to Change the Address on a Bill).


  1. Navigate to the Contact or Company
  2. Select the Edit button
  3. Within the Street field populate the client's entire address, including city, state, and zip/postal code
  4. Select ENTER twice to create an additional space below
  5. Type in the name of the secondary client
  6. Enter the client's street address below the name
  7. Use the remaining address fields to enter the remaining information for the secondary client
  8. Select Update Person or Update Company
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