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How to Remove a Void or Draft Watermark from a Bill


  • Remove Void from a Bill
  • Remove Draft from a Bill


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Additional Information:

As a rule of thumb, a Draft or Voided Bill cannot be PaidIn order to apply a payment, you must first Approve the Bill -- then, the option to Record Payment will appear.
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The DRAFT watermark indicates that the Bill has not been Approved yet, and is still in a Draft state. To remove the watermark, please Approve the Bill.

The VOID watermark indicates that the Bill had been voided by a User at the Firm. All of the entries on the Bill would have returned back to being Unbilled, allowing you to re-generate the invoice if needed.
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(To remove the watermark by changing the invoice status)

  • If the Bill is showing "DRAFT":
    1. When viewing the Bill, click More ActionsApprove
    2. The Bill will go into an "UNPAID" -- aka, an "Approved" state. 
  • If the Bill is showing "VOID":
    • You cannot "un-void" a Bill -- the entries have already returned to being "Unbilled", and may already be on a different invoice.

(To fully remove the watermark, even when in Void/Draft state)

  1. Select the gear icon to access the settings
  2. Select Billing
  3. Click on the Bill Themes sub-tab
  4. Select the appropriate Bill Theme
  5. Select Watermark from the left menu
  6. Un-check either Show Draft Watermark or Show Void Watermark
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